Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Europe Day 2, Getting to Europe: Layover

In order for all of us to travel together Ms. Dancer and I flew to Pittsburgh last evening and then this afternoon all three of us scurried to pull together our last minute preparations before heading to the airport.

Unfortunately for us the travel gods were not on our side. We flew first to Philadelphia, the flight was short, on time and uneventful (just the way I love my flights). However once in Philadelphia we ended up stuck at the airport for seven hours. At first it was just a few hours but then as the day moved forward our plane kept getting delayed.

During all the drama of our long forced layover we managed to pass the time at a restaurant rather well, we did after all have a lot to talk about. Since we had booked the trip only weeks before instead of the months required to book a trip this extensive we decided to split up the cities between us girls. This was the first time where we were finally able to sit down together and go through our research. Not a small task considering we had eight cites and hundreds of things to discuss. After hours our brains were sufficiently maxed out so we made our way to the gate.

Once we finally got into the air my excitement kicked up about 500 notches. We were on OUR WAY!!!!


The flight thankfully was uneventful. I brought my music, my eye mask, a warm jacket to curl up in and much to both of my friends chagrin slept most of the way. I really could sleep anywhere.


paul peggy zeus said...

SEVEN hours of delay! how awful! At least you had your wonderful friends and lots of things to talk about. You look so incredibly happy in this picture!! I LOVE YOU, your bravery and sense of adventure!!

lilmansworld said...

I guess it worked out in your favor to have a planning session and gabbing session!

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