Thursday, July 1, 2010

Therapy is Drowning Me

I went to therapy yesterday a shattered mess. The problem with therapy is that it brings out so much that I would rather just leave buried where I left it, unfortunately to heal we have to dig everything out, talk about it and then teach me how to deal with it in another way. After three weeks I am a mess.

I haven’t really left the house, I am barely holding it together and yesterday at therapy I had a breakdown. It is incredibly hard to face your demons and I just cant do it without some help. My therapist and I discussed me going back on my medication, at least for six months or so, just to give me some added strength to get through the really tough part of therapy. So I have made calls in to my OBGYN and to my general doctor to make sure they are both ok with me going back on and since I had 7 pills left from my last prescription I started taking it last night.

I think that taking the pill had a good placebo effect. I know what this medication did for my last time, it helped ALOT, so I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be better able to deal with this stuff. And although I am dealing with the initial side effects (the nausea, headache and dry mouth) I know those too will pass.


lilmansworld said...

sounds like the doc knows whats up! you been planning much for europe?

Sarah said...

I'm in the same boat with the meds. I'm doing a self study to see if its my brain thats chemically messed up causing my emotions or if its just my emotions causing my emotions. I'm usually okay til I get a trigger then eat -- well, you know the cycle. I'm still holding out. Didn't go back on the antidepressants. We'll see.....

paul peggy zeus said...

I hope this therapist is wise and able to really help you through to the other side. Please let me know how I can help.

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