Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soggy Bottom Girl

One of the only things that I hated about Charlotte was the weather. It looked ok from the window of the plane, from inside the terminal, from inside the car but the moment you opened the door hot air would literally push against you. The humidity was so thick I had to swim through it.

I grew up in the Midwest, I remember hot summer days when any movement seemed to exert too much energy, where breathing seemed to be overrated, where a tiny puff of wind from someone walking past was welcomed... I know in my head that my body can and will survive in this horrible heat; the problem is my body does not want to. It’s officially in denial.

Since moving to California almost five years ago and embracing the magical land of perfect weather I have officially become a weather wuss. A person conditioned to perfect sunny skies and endless gorgeous weathered days. I am now a person who is weak and winey about humidity, a person unable to comprehend heat that wraps around my body like a vice creating rivers of sweat snaking down my back, and a person who while resting during a hike realized that not only was my shirt a soppy mess but so were the seat of my shorts. OH yea had to continue the hike soaked from head to toe. Awesome.

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paul peggy zeus said...

OOOOH my Goodness! a Weather Wuss? It's hot all over the country. We just arrived in Utah and predicted over 100 degrees every day. I think it only reach 98 today, lol. At least we don't have the humidity of the east.

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