Monday, July 5, 2010

Planning on Speed

I have spent the past week with the phone glued to my ear, people are starting to look at me funny. Ms. Dancer (who is doing wedding stuff in Charleston), Ms. Pool Shark (who lives in Pittsburgh) and I have been ATTEMPTING to get the plans nailed down for our Europe trip happening in less than 21 days. With the seemingly millions of hours in we have talked about what countries/cities we wanted to visit, what we want to do in those cities, costs of those things vs. amount we want to spend, we have talked about and finally booked all our transportation within Europe today and I breathed a LARGE sigh of relief. There still is a ton to do and discuss but after this past week I feel like we accomplished quite a bit even though we are all in different places.

This would have been much easier to plan if we were all in the same city and could meet face to face or if we had actually planned this trip out properly months ago instead of deciding on a whim that we were going and now scrambling to get all the details ironed out. But this is the journey, the adventure of being spontaneous.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I agree, a little more time to prepare would have relieved a little of the stress you are feeling.

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