Friday, July 9, 2010

My Time is Obviously Not Important

Until recently I was one of those healthy young people that almost never went to the doctor, in fact up until a year and a half ago I did not even have a primary care physician and would just go to the clinic if I got a particularly bad case of anything (which was pretty rare). So now that I find myself going more often for my medication and depression I am FRUSTRATED BEYOND BELIEF. I make an appointment, I make sure I am curious and there on time or even a little before hand and then I sit and wait FOREVER until the doctor finds time to fit me in. It drives me crazy, sitting there glaring at the clock and this last visit I almost completely lost it. I was there for an hour past my appointment before I was called.

If they had called and said they were running behind and had me come in later, or if they had told me to come back in an hour I could have run a few errands but NO THEY KEPT ME SITTING THERE, DOING NOTHING BUT WAIT.

I was so livid that I felt like finding a new doctor, that is until I remember how hard it was to find this doctor, a doctor that I like that is affiliated with a hospital I love, and how hard it was to deal with my insurance to get this doctor all set up as my primary care physician. From now on maybe I will just bring a good book or a pillow and take a nap.

Doctors offices SUCK!


lilmansworld said...

My suggestion would be to make an 8 am appointment, you can always go back to bed when finished.....Its the other people ahead of you making the doctors late, they were late :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Get used to it. Doctors ALWAYS MAKE YOU WAIT. Good Idea above. My suggestion: Bring a book, plan on staying to read awhile.

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