Sunday, July 18, 2010

Devil Spawn

So while visiting Charlotte Ms. Ivy and I had QUITE a rash of unexplained catastrophes. At first it just seemed like bad luck a twist of fate if only I could have known the catastrophes were going to keep coming at us.

The first started out harmless. I grabbed a bagel and cream cheese on my dash to make my connecting flight. While on the plane I started eating but the taste it was just off. I threw the other half of the bagel away. Food poisoning set in for the next four days AWESOME!

Then there was the run to pick up cat food which resulted in a HUGE accident right in front of our car. We jumped out and helped the victims until the police and paramedics arrived but that accident was a VERY NEAR MISS.

We continued with our errand and then on the way home a jogging man stepped on a crack and crashed to the ground right in front of us. After making sure he was ok and taking a deep breath the whisper started about the devil spawn.

The rash of incidents continued with a stalled out car, a choking little girl, a hit and run death, concert tickets bought for the wrong day and then ended with the mother of all spiders. I think Ms. Ivy was sad to see me go... but I hope with my leaving Charlotte the catastrophes stopped as well.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Sounds like you two were angels sent from heaven not the spawn of the Devil. You were there to help these folk out, after all, you didn't cause the accidents but were there to pick up the pieces. I'm just glad the car missed you! Good Job girls!!

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