Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wear Sunscreen

The girls and I all went to the ‘W’ Hotel bar for a quick get together and a few drinks in order to celebrate Ms. Soul’s graduation. Whenever we get together life swirls around us and we analyze, dissect, commiserate and offer advice. With six of us there was PLENTY to talk about. What I love about this group is the fact that we have an almost 20 year age difference represented which offers a wealth of interesting life stories and advice. From the outside we are all so different and yet with S we all come together. It’s the beauty of our class, this love for each other.


Anyways sometime during the night we ended up on a track where I brought up the Wear Sunscreen poem/song and I was shocked that no one there had heard of it. Regardless I now have to post it here because I really do love it and well more people should know about it.

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paul peggy zeus said...

What fantastic, logical advice. We only have this one chance to live! LET's DO IT!

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