Sunday, June 20, 2010

He is the Best Father a Girl Could Ask For

I have always had a great relationship with my father well almost always. There were of course those MANY MANY years in there where we did not always see eye to eye, but I think that that had more to do with my teen age hormones then any issues we had.


So for this post, in celebration of fathers day I am going to reminisce about all those things that DROVE ME ABSOLUTELY CRAZY when I was young but that I OH SO APPRECIATE now.

1. I learned to NEVER BE LATE. My father was like a drill sergeant with my curfew which gave me so much anxt about time and the clock and OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO BE LATE that I am pretty much ALWAYS on time. And even those very rare occasions when something does go wrong to make me late then you better be sure there is a call well in advance to let you know.

2. THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF OVERPROTECTIVENESS THAT OOZED FROM EVERY PORE IN HIS BODY. I seriously had a really hard time with dating. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get a date, oh no, my problem was that my “date” had to meet my father first and well have ‘the talk’ and well ‘the talk’ would normally not go so well and I would be left with one of two scenarios. One the guy would be TERRIFIED, like shaking in his shoes scared and the date was painful and I was always dropped back off at the house early never to be asked out again. Or scenario number two, my father would return to the room, my date had decided that the talk was just too scary. It was pretty upsetting if you can imagine.

3. HE TOLD ME I COULD CONCUR MOUNTAINS. Well actually he told me I could, and then just when I thought naw I don’t want to he would tell me that I couldn’t, which was just his way to get me to just do it (damn reverse psychology gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME). Bottom line he knew me, he loved me, he helped mold me, and then he set me free to be me.

4. THE LOVE ENVELOPED ME LIKE AIR. My father and I are a lot alike and always he has been a constant rock in my life. I didn’t ever have to beg for affection, there were always hugs and face massages, and I always knew that if I needed him he would be there. This let me be more daring and take more risks because I knew, without looking behind me that I could fall and he would always catch me.

There are a million things to thank you for, but most of all I just thank you for what you are, what you have given, and giving me who I am.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I truly must agree 100%, your father is the most wonderful man on this planet! Patient, Kind, Loving, Giving, Steady, Loyal, Honest, and Fearless, but yes, he still worries.

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