Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Recycling Story Tarantino Style

So I have a story to tell you, one in which I may have been in the wrong slightly but one where I am a bit confused.

Let’s start at the end of this story Tarantino style so we can see what I did wrong in this situation to make a nice looking lady tell me. “Don’t be such an idiot you are doing it all wrong.” Seriously I was surprised.

But let’s rewind to the beginning. I recycle at our house, which is a good thing for me and the environment. However rather than have the city pick it up each week I will most often drive it to my local recycling plant. You see by dropping it off myself I can make 20-50 dollars every other week and let’s face it, I would rather that money be mine to go to groceries than be given to the city. So this week I load up my car with my various bags of recyclables and get to the plant. For the glass there are various bins you need to throw the bottles in, they need to be sorted by color; green, clear and brown. So I am lobbing bottles into the bins when this woman next to me starts trying to tell me what to do.

Now I have been coming to this place for a year at least. I know the drill, but she is a bit older than me and my mother taught me good manners to respect my elders, so I smile and nod to her and keep right on going. I am expertly giving her the impression that I am listening to her intently. Of course she takes my smiling and nodding as permission to start really bossing me around. Within 5 minutes she is beginning to get quite heated and starts to yell at me about how I am throwing the green bottles into the brown bin.

This got me to pause in my bottle chucking and stare at her. Now I know that most people would know the difference between brown and green, we all learned that in elementary school. And to even go a bit further I think that I am even MORE qualified in color choices than most because I went to art school.

So I am staring at her, my hand still gripped around a half full bag of recyclables, with my head cocked wondering if this woman lost her damn mind for a number of reasons. First, what does she care about whether or not I am doing it right. Second, of course I am putting the green bottles in the green bin I am not an idiot. Third, seriously I AM RECYCLING HERE, I am doing my part to save the earth and you are YELLING AT ME? Shouldn’t she be picking on those people who throw their recyclables in the trash or the ones who eat out of Styrofoam containers? I am NOT THE VILLAN HERE.

Instead I tried to be polite; I kept all my negative comments to myself and instead pacified her with a comment about how I would be more careful. I turn my back slightly to her and continue to sort bottles. A few moments go by and I realize that she has finished, I was thinking “good this woman is going to leave now”. And here is where I made what I think was a fatal error, you see it was pretty silent behind me so I flicked a quick glanced over my shoulder expecting to see her retreating back. NOW EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE KNOWS that you do NOT look the enemy in the face, you do not egg on the crazy by a direct look. And to my surprise she was standing staring at me. But by then it was too late, she had seen my quick look and leapt on my acknowledgement of her presence. I tried to quickly continue sorting but she started screeching “Don’t be such an idiot you are doing it all wrong.”

In my mind right there I drop kicked her into silence, instead I whipped around and told her not so politely what I would do if she did not walk away and leave me in peace to continue saving the universe with my little bit of recycling. I think my comments had something to do with my ninja skills and the lack of witnesses around.

She did turn and trot away, not walk she actually scurried quickly glancing repeatedly over her shoulder. That’s what you get when you lose your temper while recycling.


lifeofk8 said...

Crazy lady. You are fine. And are doing your part. :) Ignore stupid people, you are a-ok :)

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm proud of you to be aware of our environment and do your part. As for the crazy women, well, I've learned there are many of those in the world and we all must do our best to just quietly ignore them. The problem is, these people can be tenacious and rarely give up easily so ignoring can be difficult to accomplish. Cute story!

lilmansworld said...

Oh my gosh I can totally envision this story! How hilarious! What was her deal? Sometimes you just gotta be blunt because politeness only gets you so far. Good mothering skills inherit the earth(Jennism #45)

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