Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Living at Home Depot

We are in the middle of construction, half the house is ripped apart and the other half is covered in plastic and dust an inch thick. Despite having to live in this situation, I am happy to say progress is moving very quickly and I am glad that we are almost half way done.

However doing this much construction with my husband working so much it is left to me to pick out and direct all the workers which is NO WALK IN THE PARK. Last night I made a run to Home Depot, a run that I feel like I do every other day of my life. I go there so often that people that work there start to wave and say hello. I am not proud of this celebrity status but it is the reality of my situation.

I have perfected the art of the Home Depot run. I go later at night on a weeknight, I go dressed in dainty shoes and a sundress (which I know is not appropriate attire for Home Depot) what I find is that when I look lost people that work there help more, which is what I need because I am SANS HUSBAND most of the time and the decisions between 17 different toilets is damn confusing.

So last night I bought 4 doors, a toilet, tile, and a couple other odds and ends. The workers had a hell of a time getting it all to fit into my fo-SUV. Fo-SUV meaning that my new Lexus SUV isn’t quite up to the burley tasks that my Jeep SUV was up to. It’s ok Lexi I still love you even if you are not quite up to some of those heavier tasks.

Now to the point of this, I drove that SUV home with the back door open. The doors would not fit all the way in and the guys had to tie the door open, which means that I had to drive home with my car screaming at me. There is not a turn off switch in the Lexus that I know of to turn off that annoying ear piercing beeping warning you that a door is open. So I drive home with beeping ringing in my ears and I swear I had to keep my focus on not running that car into something hard, preferably large so I could just stop the beeping.

I don’t do well with auditory torture.

I am not really sure if this post is going to make a whole lot of sense in the morning, I am so TIRED!


lilmansworld said...

Oh my goodness you are hilarious. Home Depot is purely a man's destination, except in our case the vag's have to make an executive decision. When I come visit, I will laugh upon your toilet in remembrance of thee. Hahaha

paul peggy zeus said...

Dad LOVES to hangout at Home Depot, he's already taken J there to break him in, and Zeus LOVES to go w/ dad (they do let dogs in) I love your sense of humor even though you are our of your element. Maybe you need to go shopping and buy a new pair of shoes - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think it would help, really, I do! :)

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