Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Importance of Goals

I find that I am constantly asking myself how to get more from life; experience more, learn more, love more, be more etc. Yesterday over dinner with a friend we were talking about living life to its fullest. About how when you are a child your mother, school, your friends are always pushing you to try new things but as an adult there is no one really there but yourself to push you forward. It is up to us and us alone to do better.

I found that my greatest way to get more from my life is my ability to set goals and my determination to achieve them. I am a big believer in the power of a goal, and I get a large rush from striving toward one, finally reaching it, at looking back at the road I traveled and the sense of accomplishment of having pushed myself further.

I have my Rogue Life List, my yearly new thing I try out, this blog, my various hobbies that I try to attach goals to and then there are my overarching larger picture goals. Goals that I try to keep close to my heart and large in my life; it is these goals I would like to share with you today.

I strive to spend less time doing something so I have more time to do other things. Seems simple but in reality I have had to really work at becoming more efficient. Some of my biggest keys to success to being more productive are that I hardly EVER procrastinate, I create to-do lists each week and actually finish them and that I attempt to organize my life so the maximum work is accomplished with less effort. By being more productive I create more time and time my friends is something I cherish VERY much.

Although it takes a lot of work I make sure to cultivate things in my life to help me grow into a better me. Generally this means during self reflection finding something I like or don’t like about myself and working my way toward or away from it. I found that endeavouring to creating habits minimizes the Herculean task of trying to force yourself to do something every day. Creating habits is pretty difficult for me but I find that creating successful habits paves a wonderful way to making sure that I am improving my life.

Some of my current habits now are:
- no TV, ever (not a popular thing but that belief is for anther post)
- write every single day
- exercise 30 minutes every day (still working on this one)
- become a better photographer
- meditate for a half hour
- read everything I can

Education should not stop with school and I want to know everything. Now I know for a fact that that is an impossible goal but I am curious about many things and leveraging that curiosity I can learn many new things. Reading veraciously has to be one of the best things that my mother passed onto me. By consuming a large amount of books on different topics and practicing what I learn I go past what is in my circle of everyday life.

There are few things in life that I think are more important than having complete independence. It is a requirement for leading you own life and without it you will inevitably be found dancing to someone else’s tune. Independence does not mean you have to live alone without people but rather that you can function and think on your own, that you give at least as much or more than you take and that you never rack up debt of any kind. When you have debt (and I am not just talking about financial debt but also emotional, intellectual and spiritual debt) you have dependency and that throws off the delicate balance of power; power of your own life.

This one is so incredibly hard for me because it requires me to sit in front of a mirror and really honestly reflect on my deepest flaws and mistakes; in the long run accountability for my part in screwing up. I don’t have a problem making mistakes; in fact with all the risks I take I generally make a lot of them. What I strive to do however is to recognize my mistakes and come up with an action plan to fix them. By modify my behaviour or reactions and by not repeating the same mistakes over and over again I leave more room to explore further.

The conversation with my friend was very enlightening and made me really sit down and define the principles that I intuitively try to live by. This is a plan that works for me, of course everyone is different and we are all struggling toward the same thing, to be happy.


paul peggy zeus said...

You are already such an amazing woman, it's hard to be better than that!

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