Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Need to Get Away

For the past few weeks I have gotten that wanderlust feeling, you know that need to get out of the city and go somewhere, ANYWHERE. So I have decided that I am taking myself to Yosemite National park. I have never been to this park and supposedly it is the crown jewel of all national parks. With spring here the park will be FULL of flowers, birds, animals and all kinds of wonderful landscapes. Oh and since no one has time to go with me I am going all by myself. I do wish Mr. Rogue could come with me but he has been kidnapped by work so I adventure out alone. That may sound a bit daunting to go camping alone, with all that quiet, all that solitude, but I am actually looking forward to it; some moments alone with just me, my camera and nature.


I wish I could leave tomorrow but I have decided to wait until my in-laws leave. I wish it was tomorrow, I could not be MORE EXCITED. And oh I am already super excited about the photos I will take.


lilmansworld said...

Hope you have a good time, even though its by yourself. Could be good for your soul.

paul peggy zeus said...

Oh I so want to get to Yosemite!

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