Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't Tempt the Universe

Mr. Rogue – "You know this construction thing is going to much better this time around."
Me – "Why did you say that, you can’t say that kind of stuff out loud, we are cursed, the universe heard you and you cannot take that back. Of course now they are going to find some asbestos ridden pipe behind our walls and will have to quarantine the whole house for a month. And then we won’t have anywhere to live and the asbestos will cost thousands to remove and there goes our slush fund... Here come knock on some wood."

Mr. Rogue cocked his head and walked out of the room. I don't think he appreciated the amount of crazy I let out in those few unfiltered sentences.

The truth is that the construction is going wonderfully. So far everything has gone to plan, the workers have completed their work on time, we have passed all of our inspections and we are scheduled to be finished on time. The only problem is that I cannot seem to stop holding my breath. I am desperately trying not to get my hopes up, I am keeping a firm check on my elevation that things are going so well because tomorrow things could go not so well. I guess it is because I am not a “count my chicks before they hatch” kind of girl.

When we are finally finished and if everything has still gone well then I will do my happy dance. Until then I plan not to breathe.


David Browning said...

It's good to stick to your principles, like not being a count-your-chicks-before-they-hatch girl. Just be careful you don't alienate Mr. Rogue in the process!

lilmansworld said...

you should listen to the maroon 5 song "harder to breathe" and think of how lovely the lead singer is. nothing wrong with being REAL about your reality, especially when colin isn't there to see all the goings on.

paul peggy zeus said...

Okay, I get it, but breathing is important! I'm glad things are going as planned - dad and I were just talking about your bathroom on the way here! Hurray, I'm back in touch with FIVE BARS!

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