Thursday, April 22, 2010

Construction Progress

So an update on the horrible hole of ugliness that is my home sweet home. No wonder I am already planning another trip. I seriously cannot breathe a breath of fresh air there is so much dust in my house.

Good news is however that things are moving along quickly. We have passed our rough plumbing and electrical inspections and then just this Monday we passed our insulation inspection.

So yesterday and today the framer came out and put in the new waterproof window for the bathroom.



And then five guys showed up to install the drywall and the doors. Let me tell you, five guys, drywall and doors make even a BIGGER mess then we had before.




The only part they did not drywall was the bathroom. Instead of drywall it will be getting waterproof green wall, something that is good in bathrooms so the walls don’t get infected with mold and I am ALL ABOUT avoiding the mold.


Soon the tile guys will be coming in and I cannot wait to see how this bathroom is going to pull together.


In the photo above the sink pipes are to the far left, the toilet plumbing you can see on the floor in the middle and then the bathtub. AHHHH it will be so nice having a tub again!

Its exciting to see a bit more of the construction done each day and as we move closer to having everything complete my inner soul begins to hum, and then I choke on the dust. I cannot wait until we are finally finished.


paul peggy zeus said...

OOOHH It will all be so wonderful and worthwhile when it is all complete! Now that the drywall is up, all they have to do is mud and paint and whala you have your house back!! How exciting to see such progress!

myLA said...

I am so excited to see the finished product!!!!

lilmansworld said...

I would not last very long either.

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