Monday, April 12, 2010

Boutique Hotel

Yesterday at the dance competition I got a chance to see the new JW Marriott downtown at the Staples center.


I always love to see new buildings that are well designed. I have traveled quite a bit for both work and pleasure and I was even a flight attendant for a year at one point in my life, so I have seen my fair share of hotels. Some elegant and beautiful, others not so wonderful, like that shady hotel room I got stuck in when I missed my connecting flight in Utah. I was already aggravated at missing my flight and getting stranded so admittedly I was already in a pretty rotten mood when I walked into my room to find a bear in my room. A full 27 foot (ok not really but super large) stuffed bear. I had to throw the comforter over its head before I could fall asleep.

Anyways this hotel room was gorgeous, I fell madly in love. It had so many of the things that I love.

Giant ceiling in the foyer with a lighted floor and bold splashes of color.


Floor to ceiling windows to let in all that glorious natural light.


Funky earthy accent pieces like this gathered log side table.


But what I adored the most were the extremely bold carpets throughout the hotel. Carpets that were funky and crazy; carpets that stole my heart.



When I next decide to move things a bit in my house I am going to whip out some of these ideas.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like a little glitz at the Ritz!

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