Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Brain: The Hoping Continues

My period is late, three days late but I am going to wait to take a pregnancy test until after I get back from my mini trip in a week. I have gone through so many tests with the first two months that I think it is time to slow it down. But I cannot help but pray that I am.

I feel like my whole life has been working up to this moment, soon I hope I get to be a mom. I have always wanted kids, in fact I have been a mothering type of person my whole life. When I was young I wanted a baker’s dozen, now that I am a bit older I am thinking four would be the perfect number. My mother says that I will rethink that number as soon as I have the first one and I am totally open to a give or take one or two in compromise. Mr. Rogue for the record wants two, and for me that is at LEAST what I would like.

As I get closer and closer to the day I can officially start taking another pregnancy test I get more and more excited about all the possibilities. I know it is still early, we have only been trying for three months, but I cannot help but hope that when I pee on that little stick tomorrow it reads positive and it confirms what I have been dreaming, that in 9 or so months I will be holding my own bundle of soft baby love.

Here’s to dreaming and to praying.

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