Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wisdom Nuggets

The people that love you try to help you, I wished I had listened more when I was younger. I had a few conversations this week about advice and things that I wish I would have known sooner, things that I am sure my family and friends tried to teach me but some of which I had to learn the hard way. As I get older my mother gets smarter, I am sure that it is because I listen more. So here they are, the pearls of wisdom that the people who loved me TRIED to teach me and to which I feel like I am still trying to live by.

1. Most talents are transferable find what you are good at and then choose a job that utilizes those talents. If you are good with teaching something you can teach anything, if you are good at being a housewife and juggling children, house duties and organization you can be a CEO. If you don’t like what you do but you are good at it see where your talents can shift to in another career.

2. Never give in. Keep your dream in sight at all times and keep working toward it.

3. Everyone occasionally needs to ask for help or accept help from others. I have always struggled with this. I am a more get everything done kind of person and I adore helping others. It is really hard for me to ask for help and it is something that I need to consciously work toward.

4. Stand up and say what you mean. Don’t couch things behind flowery words and fake smiles because being honest about where you are and what you want is MUCH easier in the long run than hiding behind a fa├žade or ignoring a situation.

5. No one is perfect but there are wonderful people out there to surround yourself with. Find people that inspire you to be better, that you can accept their shortcomings and people that can accept yours.

6. Mean people, liars and cheaters do not change. Get them out of your life, their poison will spread.

7. If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all. Don’t say anything about someone that you will not say to their face with 10 other people listening. Very few people can or will keep secrets (yes there are a few, know who those people are in your life) but better yet stop the negativity. This is something I STILL have a hard time with. Although in the past year I have made huge strides with this. Better to keep those not so nice things to yourself.

8. You are your own best friend. If you can learn to really love yourself, to be alone and be happy, to find interesting things to do without having to drag a million people along with you then you are a treasure. People will disappoint you, the world will change, people will pass but in the end you always have yourself.


paul peggy zeus said...

You have grown into such an incredible woman, this was a super duper special blog to me. Thank you, my darling.

lilmansworld said...

What a lovely life list! I <3 #3

Sarah said...

I love and encourage #4

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