Monday, March 15, 2010

Torture Chamber

I woke determined to do something I have been avoiding, I do that sometimes, avoid that which should not be avoided. I think it is something that everyone does but today I whipped myself together and set out to the dreadful city planning department where I prepared to do war with the same horrid man I had to deal with for our last construction project. Thank god I go in there this time with a bit more knowledge under my belt of what to do and what not to do. I however did have to sit in the car for a moment outside the building in which to give myself a pep talk. It helped.

I walked in with my plans and my paperwork and set about waging a war with the horrid man. He set hoops in front of me to jump through, I did without hesitation, he tried to send me off with just a few minor tweeks but I pressed him to make sure that was ALL I had to do before my plans were approved, he found six more and I was off hoping to get everything finished and back in front of him the same day. I found you see if I wait even until the next day then things he had told me slip, he does not remember and I have to jump through even more hoops.

I was able to run out of his office, get copies, make modifications to the plans, talk to my contractor and get it all back to the office two hours later. When I walked in the office I found he had just gone to lunch so I waited for an hour until he had finished and returned. An hour of sitting in a room I abhor, that has so many bad memories of me arguing and crying and pleading and threatening. It was like visiting a torture chamber and I sat stiff and ridged staring at the clock.

The horrid man came back from his lunch; he looked over my modified plans and actually stamped them. Something that took me a month and a half to do before I managed to do in one harried busy stressful day. Score for me but I wonder who will win round two. For now I don’t care, I have my plans stamped and we start construction soon. YIPPIE!

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paul peggy zeus said...

What good news you got his stamp of approval! So when does demolition begin?

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