Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little Arts and Crafts


Today I completed a project that I bought the materials for in 2008! Yup you heard me right as in two years ago I wanted to do this project and well garnered up enough energy to gather the supplies but not enough energy to actually do the project. An Easter wreath made with cardboard, a bit of scrapbooking paper and a glue gun. Although the glue gun and I had some issues, I still burn my fingertips every time we attempt to play together, this was a really fun day. It was time consuming but super easy and I had such a great time that I may just start working on all those other crafts that I have also bought materials for but have not started. Yes mom that means the patio furniture cushions, YEA. I have also wanted to cover some pillows for Mrs. Rambo’s newly decorated family room, update our photos in our picture frames around the house, refresh the greenhouse decorating and maybe sew a different set of curtains for the kitchen because I am just getting a bit bored with the ones that are up. That is on top of the decorating to do on the bathroom and two bedrooms that we are doing construction on, WHEW. Maybe I should just take a nap and think about it for a while.

For those of you interested on how to make this wreath, that I themed with Easter colors, here is a simple step by step.

I started with a piece of cardboard I had lying around the house using a bowl to trace a circle and then cutting it out with an exacto knife. I used a smaller bowl to trace for the center cut out. Using an exacto knife makes this step really easy, other than being careful not to cut into your countertop (I just used another piece of cardboard behind to act as a buffer in case I cut too deep) if you try to use a pair of scissors be ready to be frustrated.

I went to Micheal’s, a craft store in my area, and bought various colors of paper all in the same tone range. I wanted an Easter theme so I chose light pastels with fun textures. I ended up using 14 different patterns but if you are unsure less is easier.


I used a ramekin as a template for cutting out the small circles of my paper. Each 12x12 sheet gave my 9 circles; I layered my sheets cutting 4-5 at a time.


Seriously though it was ALOT of cutting (this is the time consuming part). You have to cut a line to the halfway point in the middle. Basically like you are cutting the circle in half but only go to the center of the circle, meaning you only cut halfway through.


Now I doubled my circles up to give them a different pattern on the outside and the inside, if you do this then you need DOUBLE the amount of paper and circles cut. Feel free to not do this and have less work. Simply take each circle, or doubled circle, spin it to a cone shape and glue with a dab from the glue gun. Instead of sitting there and holding them I used paperclips which worked WONDERFULLY!


And then once I had enough cones I started gluing them onto my cardboard. Have fun with it and place them in various directions so it looks random.


The details of this finished wreath make my toes curl, so pretty.



Jess said...

Love it :) Crafts are so much fun. It's the clean-up that gets me down! (THAT, and having to stop all the fun.)

paul peggy zeus said...

Leave it to you, my creative daughter, to come up with an amazing project like this. How fun, bright and cute!

lilmansworld said...

I'm so impressed, but then again you ARE an artist...im more of a culinary artists I suppose. Looks great you jack of all trades!

lilmansworld said...

this wreath is so cool it deserves another shout out. I love it.

Craftzilla said...

Wow! That is epic! I'm glad to see the wait was worth it, thanks for sharing!

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