Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ten Things I am Thinking of Now That I Love

1. My gorgeously talented, oh so clever, hugbunny AKA Mr. Rogue, the best husband in the world. Although currently he has been kidnapped by his company; seriously I have only seen him in passing this entire week.


2. The love of my parents. Their constant support, love, guidance have made me into the person I am today and without them I would be LOST. I thank God that we are close in heart, if not close in distance, and hope that someday I can swing by and see them anytime I want.


3. My wonderful, gifted, talented, loyal friends. I am so fortunate to have so many amazing people in my life that inspire me, love me, support me, and sometimes tell me how it is. There is no one else I would rather spend memories with and each and every one of you is PRICELESS.


4. Vacations and really I don’t care if it is 2 hours down away or halfway across the world, new things, new places, new experiences make my heart sing and give me SO MUCH inspiration.


5. Beautiful surroundings. Maybe because I am an artist it makes me very sensitive to things around me. I need to be surrounded by things I find beautiful, from my home to the sights around town I just can’t get enough. I love to see them every day, and they make me smile. I like waking up in my home under an adorable comforter, looking over at my necklaces hanging from a vintage tree, seeing books artfully arranged on my coffee table, it makes me take PRIDE in my home and a special smile to see the things that we choose to fill it with.


6. Music is something that is in my home a majority of the time, generally it is something soft and soothing lilting in the background although I have a playlist for most things I do around the house; something upbeat and peppy for cleaning the house, usually symphony when I am cooking, and my mellow artistic time. My ipod is generally the first thing I turn on every day and the last thing to be turned off. It sooths me, makes me happy... I could never live without it.


7. My new cooking addiction, obsession, need to be in the kitchen all the time. It combines so many things that I love and I am learning so much.


8. My photography that I took up last year has brought me so much joy and happiness. It goes to show you that something taken up as a whim can fulfil you in ways you cannot even imagine. It has spiralled into other areas and I cannot wait to see where it takes me next.


9. My wonderful little furry critters, all four of them bring a different personality to the house and the laughter and joy they bring is something immeasurable. Each sweet furry face is cherished.


10. My blog, because I love it, I love how it has inspired a whole wave of others blogging and I love it for keeping me more connected to people I may have lost and I love it for meaning so much to me.


myLA said...

Absolutely positively love this! I made this list! Yay!

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm impressed with this post. It's so nice to be thankful for so many wonderful things that surround you, keep this close to your heart!

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