Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Rant about Health Care Reform

I support Obama, I like him despite the fact that there are things he does that I do not like but I waited watching what would happen to health care reform.

I was really hoping that this bill would pass as I think SOMETHING has to be done with our current health care system. Too often you hear of people unable to get the coverage they need for yards and yards of red tape. There has been too many times where we as a family were challenged on major medical issues because of coverage and cost. Perhaps if the system had been better two years ago things would have turned out differently. Bottom line is that the system is screwed as it is.

Now I don’t think this bill is perfect, in fact I think there are a lot of flaws with it but what I do like is that my parents who are retired will be able to have health care for much less than they are paying now. I like that my cousin who has type 1 diabetes and who currently is paying a fortune for crappy insurance will be able to get cheaper better coverage. And I love the fact that if something terrible happened to me my insurance company would no longer be able to put a cap on or stop my coverage. To me these things mean the world.

So three people I love dearly, if the bill stays past November, will be greatly affected by this bill. My family is living proof that this bill will make some things better. And then there are the millions of other Americans who will join them.

I am eagerly anticipating watching how this bill lives and affects us, already there are many challenges with it as well as many opposing it. For all those against it I ask can you make it better?

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paul peggy zeus said...

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood reforms of our time. I still have not had the time to fully grasp all the changes - some are good, others not so good. Like it forces everyone to purchase coverage whether they want it or not. If they don't buy it, there is a tax penalty. Some say, we won't have our choice of doctors, and there are 14 states suing Obama Adm right now over not being able to afford to subsidize this program claiming they are already near bankruptcy. I'd need to research further if this is a good bill or not.

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