Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poor Rogue

I had the afternoon free and I found myself in the yard playing with my two dogs. It goes like this. Phoenix aka Diva, my young Rottweiler puppy and I play fetch. Over and over and over again she runs to the ball and then back to me. It is non-stop and never ending. At one point I played for over an hour hoping that I would win, “win” would mean in this game that she would tire of it before I did. Needless to say I have never won.

As Phoenix is running back and forth I spend time grooming and petting Rogue. He isn’t as young as he used to and would rather lean on my leg, his head in my lap getting pet than chasing all over the yard for a ball. He is a little hug bunny like that.


Today however, only 10 minutes into our routine I noticed Rogue was a little sensitive with his ear. I called the vet, got an appointment an hour later and had Rogue to see the vet asap. When you have an older dog little problems can become big problems fast. Seems like my poor baby has an ear infection, I couldn’t have been more proud as he patiently let the vet poke his little hurt ear. Then the vet showed me how she wanted me to clean it twice a day and I almost puked.

I clean my dogs ears regularly, because they both are semi-floppy eared dogs (not full floppy eared like the basset hound or non-floppy like a german shepard) they are more prone to ear infections if you don’t keep them clean. It isn’t a job that I love but the tiny amount of dirt and goo removed twice a month is not that bad.

Today however a mountain of sludge was removed from my dogs ear and as concerned as I was after his welfare I just had a moment where I was like ewwwwwwwww, I cannot do this. Then I sucked it up, I know once Mr. Rogue and I have kids this GOO is going to be nothing compared with the bodily functions I will have to deal with. More training in the form of a dogs ear.

Rogue and I left with a vial full of medicine and some very detailed instructions. In two weeks we are hoping the issue will be completely cleared up. For now it will be extra hugs, extra attention and an extra little prayer for my faithful furry friend.


paul peggy zeus said...

Aw, poor baby boy. I hope he feels better soon.

lilmansworld said...

we've been lucky with no ear infections, not so with the bodily fluids department......you are getting such an education aren't you!

Sarah said...

What a handsome dog! I'm partial to half-floppy ears. Remi has them now and all my Boxers did too. I love to "twirl" them. Its always got the softest fur there.....

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