Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Night at the ER

I was expecting Ms. Eden and the girls for our Mexican Wii night any moment, it was 5:38 when I got the call from Mrs. Fruit that Baby Fruit had a raging fever of 103.7. So cancelled plans and we were off to the emergency room. Hours later trying to keep a one and a half year old entertained while having a fever and sick was NOT FUN. We were both worn out, tired from worrying, hungry because neither of us thought to eat in our haste to run out the door with no end in sight. We were there for six hours but finally the Baby’s fever broke and the doctors and nurses were able to get the temperature down to a much more manageable level of 100.2.

I was so worried about Baby Fruit, and I got yet another glimpse of what it is like to be a mom. The ER was filled with crying screaming kids, all sick or injured, all frazzled parents trying to sooth and coddle.

After trying everything we could think of to keep Baby Fruit amused I finally ended up handing her my mini camera. IT WAS THE BEST IDEA I EVER HAD I THINK. *Pat myself on back* It kept her entertained for two hours, long enough for us to get a room, for her fever to reduce, and for her to pass out in exhaustion. Although most of the photos were not good to say the least, two actually came out pretty cute.

A shot of me


And a shot of the free bear they gave Baby Fruit for being such a good girl.


She really latched onto that thing and only let go when she finally slept.


Poor sweet little baby so tiny in that big bed with that big tag around her ankle. I just made me want to cry.



lilmansworld said...

So scary and sad and cute at the same time. How is she recovering? She have the flu or something?

paul peggy zeus said...

Oh that's such a high fever for such a sweet baby girl. What was the diagnosis? Did she have to stay overnight? I'll keep them all in my prayers.

Carley said...

Poor Baby! How is she feeling now?

Leave it to you to still look cute in the ER!

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