Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Relationship with Time

It is hard to remember times of specific things in LA LA land. Not because it is LA LA or anything like that but because the devices I used to separate time don’t work here. Like a black hole it has shaken up the past few years until everything is just a little blurry. But let me explain.

My normal mode of remembering is to use visual cues. Probably because I am an artist it helps me to link things to other things. For instance one of my key indicators is to use the four seasons. By remembering the temperature and landscape outside I could remember a general time of year the event took place; however here the season is seemingly always the same. On the east coast we have four seasons and those four seasons break up the timeline of a year visually for me. I can remember that it was winter of 1996 that I had my first kiss because of the coldness of his nose, the fact that I wished I had remembered to apply chap stick to my lips and the gloves that I was wearing and wished I were not. But when I try to remember in 2004 what time of year I started dating my husband all I can remember is sunshine and palm trees which would NORMALLY in my mind translate to summer. Here in LA LA Land the sun shines constantly except for the very rare occasional grey sky so that way of remembering is gone.

Since seasons here are worthless, not that I am complaining that much when the rest of the US is covered in snow, I move onto my next key indicator to jolt my memory which is to remember what apartment I was living in at the time. Generally I moved at least once a year if not two or three times so I could remember time by the place I was living. Now that we own a house however time is starting to mesh together. I think Alzheimer’s may be setting in.

My last indicator I use to remember time are large events like my wedding, or the birth of my nephew. Huge life changes never seem to slow and there is always something in a year that I can remember events by. Thank god LALA Land cannot touch that one. I have taken to keeping an outline of large events of every year so when I am 95 I can look back and remember.

This morning as Mr. Rogue and I lay in bed lazing around sipping tea and revelling in the fact that we were still in bed at 11:30 on a Sunday which was nice, we were talking about when I first moved here and the crazy way that we started to date. I was reminiscing about the trip out to LA LA, we were going over first impressions of each other and then the question was asked when we started dating... As we sat staring at each other, our expressions blank, attempting to come up with the timeline we failed. MISERABLY. I have an excuse though; my first two indicators were useless. So I had to get up out of our warm nest because I was so annoyed at myself for not remembering and look it up on my timeline. It is sad that I am only working at 33% capacity on this one.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Good thing we have our blogs now so we have our time lines outlined. The older you get, the harder it is to recall specific events. You moved to LALA in the fall after graduation - you drove across country w/o snow? and I think you two started dating shortly thereafter since you moved in w/ the four friends and he was there. I'm sure it's not Alzheimers it's probably just "sometimers" then it turns into "Mostofthetimers" before Alzheimers finally sets in. ha ha

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