Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Pittsburgh Night

Since I dropped off Ms. Little a bit earlier than I expected yesterday and found myself with some free time I called Ms. Dancer. We ended up going to dinner at a little sushi place near her house and spend the next two hours talking about her upcoming wedding and all the little bumps and twists our relationship has taken. I love this girl as if she were a sister!


After dinner we decided to catch a movie. We went to the Pacific Theater in downtown Culver, it was my first time visiting this particular theater and although I had been to downtown Culver often I had always missed seeing an incredible art instillation. Tucked around the corner out of sight is The Lion’s Fountain by Douglas Olmsted Freeman. It was so beautiful that we stopped to look for several minutes. At night with the water fountains low and the lights shimmering, hugged by a crescent moon of leaves the statue shined with life. And the gentle clapping of the water falling on the stones sounded like applause from my heart.


That’s what I love about LA, there is always something around the corner just waiting to be discovered.

Ms. Dancer and I proceeded to the theater where we decided to see She’s out of my League. Now this is not my normal kind of movie because it is a slapstick movie and I am not a huge fan of fart jokes and constant cussing. Slapstick movies in general all seems very juvenile and makes me feel like I wasted two hours of my time watching something dumb. However with that being said there are a few select movies that I have seen that fall into the slapstick category that I like and I knew when I saw the previews for this movie I wanted to give it a shot. I think Ms. Dancer and I got more than what we were looking for.


Not only did we have a ton of fun laughing at all the antics in the movie we also found out that the movie was based in Pittsburgh. Ms. Dancer and I both lived in Pittsburgh for 7 years, so peppered into an entertaining movie was a lot of Pittsburgh nostalgia. And oh how we sighed and exclaimed at some of the scenes that we missed about Pittsburgh.

For instance there was a scene where the couple was talking on a bench and in the background was Primanti Brothers, a restaurant that serves hands down the BEST sandwich in the world. A sandwich invented for the steel factory workers that is stacked with meat, coleslaw, cheese and French fries it is a sandwich that is a meal. My mouth was watering! Sadly enough I think that out of everything from Pittsburgh it is what I missed the most, well the sandwich and Ms. Pool Shark.


I know for anyone who has never had this sandwich that it may look a bit gross but I ASSURE you it is divine!


paul peggy zeus said...

I love Miss Dancer like a daughter- soon to be Mrs. Will she get a new title? I think the Lion statue is fabulous! Glad you two had sooo much fun!

Inzodda said...

Hee hee, I saw that movie and even though I still live here it was neat seeing so much of our beloved Pittsburgh on the big screen. As for your history of the Primanti's sandwhich I must correct you and inform you that the sandwhich was created for the warehouse truck drivers of the strip district. Since they didn't have time to have a full sit down meal, they created this sandwhich with fries and slaw on top to have a whole meal between two pieces of bread, so they could take it on the road, and eat while driving their truckloads out of Pittsburgh. :)

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