Thursday, March 25, 2010

I was a Ninja

Or I guess I could say I was dreaming of being a ninja and I was kicking some butt. It was me against seven others; it was a test of my mad ninja skills. I had just taken out five of them and I was contemplating how to beat the remaining two. I was moving in ninja stealth like and then… wha… what was that?!? Normally I have a hard time remembering dreams so vividly however today the doorbell rang at 7:45 and as I proceeded to look at the clock in SHOCK I remembered that the workers were due to come. I stumbled out of bed, threw on something decent all the while grumbling that my sensay was not going to be pleased those last two escaped unscathed.

We Broke Ground… or tile, I am not really sure exactly how you say it, how about several workers showed up at my house today to completely destroy our bathroom. Don’t worry it needs to be destroyed it is a huge BLEMISH on the face of the planet, remember the pink and blue tile, the boat mirror and the fact that I can go to the bathroom and brush my teeth at the same time? Say bye-bye.


Midway through the work the guys took their lunch break and I peeked inside and then almost lost my cool. The twitching in my right eye started (it is a stress tick I have) because I was remembering the last horrid time we went into construction and my house looked like this for MONTHS!


But then the workers came back and cleaned it all up so I was happy. I now longer have a second bathroom. Yup that’s right, the workers showed up at 7:45am and now at 4:45pm there is now a gaping wound of exposed studs and electrical wires in my house. It is amazing how fast the work goes once it actually starts.


Although I am ecstatic that it is gone and the work has been started I am not so happy with the inevitable side effects. Side effects that I had to deal with last time we did construction but that I must have conveniently erased from my conscious memory. For instance my entire living room and kitchen is dusted with a fine layer of grit and grime, fine particles that have escaped the plastic over the bathroom door and have found homes elsewhere. Right now they are having a party, inviting friends and plotting to make my life hell.

The moment the workers left I just stared at my filthy home. You see the workers kindly placed a newspaper path on the hardwood floor so they would not ruin it walking into and our of the house with all that trash. When they left they removed that newspaper and left a perfect clean path amist all the dirt.


My brain almost exploded, I did not know where to start and I was paralyzed trying to figure out weather I should dust first or sweep. Seven hours later my home is now clean just in time for round two tommorow.

So now instead of fighting ninjas I will be fighting the never-ending dirt in my home.


paul peggy zeus said...

Do yourself a favor and buy a huge piece of plastic. Tape off that door leading to the rest of your home to eliminate a lot of the dust or you will find fine particles all the way into your bedroom drawers! So happy to hear they came and demolished the worst part of your lovely home. :)

Jess said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, we always forget how messy projects become. I always forget how annoying the set-up and clean up of any project is until I actually have to do it. I think it's one of the reasons people stick to watching tv. Just keep imagining how beautiful your bathroom will be! No more bruises from nailing our butts on the sink while looking in the closet!

It's funny though, I had a repeat of your ninja dream experience this morning! My phone rang at 7am and it was wedding planner I had made an appt to talk to and completely forgot about!

Sarah said...

I agree with Paul.....

We had to close off our kitchen when we refaced our cabinets. The other thing is if you have central air and its running that dust is going to get sucked in and quickly clog you're air filter. If you're sensitive to dust and yuck like I am, you're going to want to keep your eye on that. I get sick almost immediately in cases like that. Construction guys might as well hand me an inhaler and some steroids when they walk in.

Rogue Woman said...

Sarah IT IS SO HORRIBLE good call on the air conditioner I will make sure to have that off from now on :( Peggy we did plastic off the area but nothing seems to help.

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