Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I was Blessed with the Bestest Neighbour

Did you know that she takes me shoe shopping and keeps a smile on her face as I try on EVERY SINGLE PAIR. That she has the best sense of humour and makes me laugh almost constantly. That she has the heart of an angel! And that she allows me to play interior decorator and spend her money; Mr. Rogue really loves her for that one.


And now she takes me to get a mani-pedi as a thank you. Ohhhh My Goodness life could not get better because do you want to know a secret? I heart my very wonderful neighbour and she has given me my very first manicure ever. Oh sure I have gotten the fo-one where the manicurist looked at my picked at broken broke back nails and cringed in horror while simultaneously attempting to adhere tips to my tiny nail stumps; tips that I have gotten maybe three or four times in my lifetime including prom and my wedding. But I don’t really count that. You see I have this horrible, unfortunate, sad habit where I constantly pick at my nails and cuticles. It is not something I am proud of; in fact it is something I hate and something that I do without even thinking. Although I have tried in the past I have just been too damn weak to stop despite NUMEROUS attempts and bribes.

However that all changed when I started taking vitamins, working out and found a healthier headspace. I am now so much better that I no longer pick subconsciously, I no longer pick consciously and as a result for the FIRST TIME in my life I have tiny little baby oh so beautiful nails. Now with this new manicure I cannot stop looking at them, they are so beautiful, and I KNOW it is silly but I am just so damn proud of this physical proof of my mental state.

Thanks Mrs. Rambo for giving me this gift of my first manicure, it means more than you know; and P.S. sorry for embarrassing you with my uncontrollable laughter.

What is that you ask my uncontrollable laughter? Let me explain. Last night I got the bottom of my feet scrubbed to remove all the dead skin. I do a home treatment with a pumice stone in the shower often and make sure to take care of my feet but there is nothing like the skin melting goo that a pedicurist can inflict to remove every single nasty bit of nasty off feet. And let me tell you HOW I NEEDED IT LAST NIGHT after not getting a pedicure in a long time due to the traumatic event of LOOSING MY TOENAIL. I swear after eight months there was enough dead skin to create a whole other person. It was gross; I was embarrassed of course but couldn’t really concentrate too much on my embarrassment because I was LAUGHING SO HARD. You see my feet are super ticklish and when someone, in this case the manicurist, is sawing a scrapper across the bottom of my feet I erupt in belly clenching laughter. I am talking about the deep, oh my god I cannot breath, tears streaming down my face laughter that is uncontrollable, unstoppable, and in this case entertaining to my friend and to the workers who all stared in wonder at my inability to stop.

Let’s just say it was not my finest most elegant moment and really I don’t care. My feet are baby soft and my nails are OH SO BEAUTIFUL! Thanks again sweetie.


paul peggy zeus said...

OHHH! I want to see your beautiful nails! Grandma just asked me about you biting, and I told her you were! So if you post a photo I can show her on Mother's Day and she will be just as proud of you as me! TOO.

Sarah said...

LOL, for that exact reason (laughing, tickle) I don't go for a pedicure except for maybe twice a year. I'm so embarrassed when I get there!!

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