Monday, March 8, 2010

Construction Part Duex: Let’s Get Back On this Bucking Bronco

For what seems like a lifetime, Mr. Rogue and I are finally ready to finish phase II construction on our home. We are elated, depressed, excited, scared, and just plain cautious about doing this but it must be done and now is better than never. So today we are diving down the rabbit hole of plumbing, construction, random men in my house and mayhem.

We are planning on completely redoing the bathroom, which desperately needs to be demolished, see here. Here is the old floor plan vs. the new one we are proposing to the city gods, I cringe when I think about that... here’s why.


Basically it makes the room a real bathroom instead of a cramped place of doom for hips, that constantly crash into things, and functionality, don’t you like how the door currently runs RIGHT into the shower or the fact that I can pee and brush my teeth at the same time with the continently placed sink?

I am hoping to survive with my sanity.

P.S. Construction, please don’t kick my butt this time. Pretty please, with sugar on top. I will be your best friend. Love Rogue Woman.


lilmansworld said...

I like how you used the word donkey for the previous post of home renovation. You can use another one that actually IS a donkey- "shrek". i.e., you will shrek when your bathroom is up to standards!

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm sure there will be no tears when they start demolishing this room! I know how much you adore so many features of this bathroom. Congrats!

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