Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Birthday Day in Hollywood

Today was Mrs. Fruit’s birthday and when I asked her how she would like to spend her day she opted to finally visit Hollywood. It was so fun to see her excitement, the views that I had seen 100 times over and over again took on a bit of excitement with her apparent glee.

We of course went to the Mann Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.


We saw the names and handprints of the famous in the cement.


We saw the Hollywood sign.


She bowed down to the stars on the street.


But what she got most excited by were the randomly dressed movie and cartoon characters filling the touristy streets. And it was not like she would be happy with one.


or two


which then was when Baby Fruit joined in the fun.


three was too little


maybe four?


Ahh yes four was just right. Even I got in the fun a little bit when I saw the Mad Hatter, SO COOL!!! I love me some Johnny Depp.


After getting her photo taken with ALL OF THEM and running out of single dollar bills for tips we headed to California Pizza Kitchen for a little bit of yummy sustenance. Every time I hang out with Baby Fruit she does something new to amaze me. Today she got more excited about COLORING than I do about a giant shoe sale. I mean that girls LOVES TO COLOR. Ok Baby Fruit Tita gets the message loud and clear. Color away with all your tiny fiery passion; that zest for life will serve you well later on, and I approve!


After lunch we were off to the wax museum. I had never been and I am not sure the 17 dollar entrance fee was totally worth what we saw. I am glad that we got to go though because it WAS interesting, but it was also creepy and a bit strange. Some of these are really scarily lifelike.


It was odd staring into their unseeing eyes, gave me a bit of the whillies.

The best part was that Mrs. Fruit, a wonderful singer, got to fufill a dream. She got to stand in front of the American Idol Judges panel and thank them for selecting her to be one of the singers on the show.


We ended the day with a mini shopping spree to spend the money I gave her for her birthday. She got the last rocking pair of rockin pumps, tiny pity party because I wanted a pair too, but it was her birthday and she deserves. Happy Birthday Mrs. Fruit! Next time we will wrestle for the last pair of shoes though.


lilmansworld said...

I will die 1000 times over when I go there. I will be star struck, gotta plan something!

paul peggy zeus said...

Mrs Fruit looks like she had a wonderful day! It's so like you to give her the very best birthday EVER! I love all the superhero shots and the one of Baby Fruit waving that red Crayon with a smile bigger than Texas! Such great photos and great memories too! SO glad the baby is feeling better.

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