Sunday, March 21, 2010

Because We ALL Fall off that Wagon

For some reason when I promise to get things done for other people there is not a problem but when it comes to putting me first I have some issues. I know I am actively failing myself and really that is inexcusable. So I am back again to focusing on watching what I eat, counting calories again and getting in those workouts whenever I can. Some weeks I do well others I do not so good but the point is that overall I am doing much better than what I was and the pounds are SLOWLY melting off. I even added a gadget to the right that will track my hopefully continuing progress. YEA!

Today I was really proud of myself, my husband was off from work (seriously this is a HUGE deal) and normally I love to spend every spare moment I can with him yet today I carved out an hour to get on the elliptical machine. I felt good putting my health first and getting my workout in regardless of what was going on with my day. And we even managed to eat well all day which was another plus.

I have been reading a lot of other blogs where people are trying to lose weight, little things that take only moments over a long period of time can make a big impact so I have been trying in addition to my scheduled workouts to throw a bit of exercise in between everyday things.

Like today for instance, I was in the car in traffic. We are moving at a slow snail’s pace, must be an accident or something and there is an upbeat song on the radio so I decide to do a few arm curls. Moving to the beat of the music I manage to do 100 curls and my muscles are aching just a bit. And when I move to the other arm, the arm by the door, well there is not as much room but I manage to work it out and what do you know 4 minutes later and 200 arm curls I am now getting an elevated heartbeat. I figure I found the HOLY GRAIL of exercising. I am frequently in massive amounts of traffic and this is GENIOUS to get in a bit of exercise AND to distract me from getting aggravated at the road.

So then I decide to move onto glute exercises. Bouncing slightly in the seat to the beat of the drums I kick up the music a bit louder and I start singing. It is Rude Boy by Rihanna a song that I am currently in love with. So now imagine I am singing, bouncing on my seat building up a sweat when I happen to catch something out of the corner of my eye. That is when I notice that a car that has been sitting in my blind spot has a man in it and he is staring right at me. I whip my head around trying to ignore him but I have that weird tingly feeling that he is still LOOKING. So I turn my head and peak out of the corner of my eye and he winks at me… HE WINKED AT ME!!!

I am sure I turned a million shades of purple and as I vowed not to look again I change the music to NPR and change lanes. That will be the LAST time I do glute exercises in the car… or sing ever again.

Sometimes I feel like I share way too much with you guys.


paul peggy zeus said...

Don't let him bother you! JP and I used to head bang to Queen's Rhapsody or jump up and down in the car at a traffic light making the car sway back and forth and we never let any weird stares bother us. Go ahead a glute away - sing your heart out and let them look! WHO CARES!

myLA said...

very proud of you. I do that in the car all the fucking time. bounce away baby. you probably made his year.

lilmansworld said...

thats no worse than when hubs and I would drive through downtown rochester blaring NKOTB or Elton John's Rocketman

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