Monday, March 22, 2010

BBBS 26: Frosting Fanatic


She really LOVES the frosting, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I finally got some time where both Ms. Little and I could grab a few hours and I was ecstatic when Ms. Little asked if we could make cookies. It was ecstatic in a YEA she likes to bake which is good for numerous reasons that I will list but OH SO BAD because I have been trying to get back to eating better. But that is what she wanted so I decided to be a big girl and resist temptation.

I love that Ms. Little likes to cook because:
1. It gets her in the kitchen learning the stove and that everything you eat does not come from a box or prepackaged.
2. Her reading skills are low and reading the recipe, summarizing what she read about and following directions are all VERY GOOD reasons to get her practicing
3. She learns about measuring, math and fractions.
4. I am loving to cook right now, she is loving to cook and we have a really fun time together. It is a great way to spend the afternoon.

So she decided she wanted to make cookies and we looked up a shortbread recipe which sounded yummy. Of course the batter did not quite cooperate and we had a bit of a fun time attempting to get something to work. Even though we completely made a huge mess and the final product did not come out perfectly we both loved that the kitchen was filled with laughter.


It was a bit difficult for me to keep her little fingers out of the frosting as much as the batter. And I was proud of myself because I managed to only gobble down half a cookie and then packaged up the rest for her to take home. And then she wanted a kid meal at McDonalds so I swung in on the way home to get her a meal and even though I was so HUNGRY and the fries smelled so good I resisted ordering anything for myself.

My cheerleaders are gonna be so proud of me.


paul peggy zeus said...

Cooking together is truly a wonderful thing to do, she is really growing up - you should look back at some old pics - This one shows a much more mature Miss Little that you're probably going to have to rename her to Miss Pretty Big.

myLA said...

Sooooooo proud of you!

Jess said...

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *jumps up and down with Pom Poms*

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