Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Fruit the Explorer

Today I picked up Baby Fruit and we took a trip to the park. I love that she lives so close, that I can stop by and see her whenever I want and whisk her away to play. I have really been noticing a move to more independence, she is getting so adventurous.


and bit by bit today she tackled the stairs to the jungle gym.


She is getting so BIG and was on the top of the world when she finally reached the top.


And then today, after spending 30 minutes practicing over and over again she finally slid down the slide all by herself. I could not have been prouder.


She spent a lot of time exploring, aka attempting and sometimes succeeding putting things in her mouth.


I tried to explain that it was not really sanitary and I could tell she totally got it because from that point on she only put things near her mouth when I was looking. And she has an impish smile on her face as if to say “Go on I dare you, tell me not to”.

But my favorite thing about her exploring is her desire to show me everything she finds.


And then to bring these little treasures back to me. It could be ANYTHING, a pretty rock, a random piece of wood, a dried up leaf or even this seed pod. It does not matter what it is but I love she has brought them all to me.


Her little hands are always busy and she is coming up with her own little games. I particularly liked the way she was finding random bits of wood to stick into the holes on the steps. She was giggling gleefully every time she got one to stick.


Of course the jungle gyms appeal only lasted so long before she was sitting and playing in the dirt.


What is it with babies and dirt they just LOVE the stuff.


And it is even better once a friend comes along.


This little boy is only about six months older than Baby Fruit and they had so much fun together; equally sharing the task of getting dirty, of imagination and hugs.


That is until Baby Fruit got a bit TOO curious about this little boy. His aunt and I were in tears laughing at this.


We spent a few moments on the swing before leaving. It is her cue that it is time to go and it is one of her favorite things so we save the best for last.


I put Baby Fruit down, I gathered up our things and I turned to put her into the stroller when I about fell down laughing again. This little girl, she is so much FUN!


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see how fun it is to be with children?! bebefruit is adorable

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