Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Brain: OBGYN Green Light Appointment

Just got back from my OBGYN appointment to look at my progress since my last appointment and talk about any changes in my health and lifestyle. I so love my OBGYN, she really takes time to listen and is so personable. I don’t have the best feelings about doctors and medicine so I am grateful to have someone who really gets me.


We discussed where I was back in June of 09 when I last saw her compared to now and the change she said was radical. I have lost weight, I have managed to treat and feel better with my depression, I have incorporated active interests (birding and Sfactor) into my everyday routine, I have an at home gym now that I use frequently, I have changed the way that I eat and what I eat. In essence I have made some awesome changes all positive over the past eight months.

Even though Mr. Rogue and I are already trying to get pregnant because I had checked off all the items on her list that she gave me on my last visit, I am happy to say that my doctor officially gave me the green light.

The last order of the day was to go over my insurance with a planner to estimate the cost of a normal birth and delivery. Imagine my surprise when I found out how LITTLE our costs would be. Where I was anticipating spending thousands to bring our little bundle of joy into the world I am looking at hundreds instead. This is such excellent news.

Now that I have checked off all my pre-pregnancy items it is just a matter of relaxing and praying.

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