Tuesday, March 2, 2010

As I Wandered Around Like an Idiot

I had a very embarrassing moment in various parking lots today. And I thought about not sharing it here, but then I thought what fun was that, so here we go. I had a doctor’s appointment today, it was early in the morning, I woke up late, I was rushing to get ready and then I remembered that I needed to call my mother. I talked to her the entire way to the office and as I ran out of my car and into the building still chatting away I hung up with her moments before the elevator doors shut.

Thankfully I made it to my appointment on time. My doctor wanted to do blood work and since I woke up late and hadn’t had any breakfast I could do it now. JOY! So I got my paperwork and asked directions to the blood lab which was in another building I hadn’t been to before so after my appointment I followed the nice receptionists directions to the other building, I walked, it was only two blocks away and it was a nice day. I remember feeling good, if not slightly starving, skipping along the sidewalk tilting my head to the sun. I will admit I was a bit taken in by the day and the beauty of the neighbourhood and was not paying a TON of attention to where I was going. I got there without any issues and proceeded to get my blood drawn by an elderly nurse who told me I was beautiful.

If I have to get my blood drawn, which I HATE, at 10:30 in the morning looking thrown together because I woke up late; getting a compliment about how pretty I look went a long way. After stumbling out of the office, I admit I was a bit dizzy and woosy I started back to my doctor’s office and my car. Here lies the problem; I got to the parking lot and COULD NOT FIND MY CAR.

Remember I was frazzled running late when I got there, I was on the phone with my mother and therefore a bit distracted AND I had just gotten my blood drawn AND I was starving. So here I am wandering around the parking lot for 15 minutes with my hand on my panic button on the keys clicking every few steps DESPERATLY hoping that my car will beep at me. And then I noticed that people were starting to stare, it could have been the frantic mumbling that was escalating louder and louder with every lap, or the fact that a woman was making laps in the parking lot franticly darting her gaze from side to side. SIGH.

After the fourth lap around the parking lot is when my inner voice kicked into high gear.

“What if the car got stolen?”

“Little old ladies must lose their car all the time, who do they call to help them find it, the police?”

“My husband is gonna kill me if I cannot find our new car.”


And after the last and final lap I collapsed onto the bench outside the building and just sat for 10 minutes trying not to cry, trying to clear my head and think. I decided that the best course of action was to backtrack to my doctor’s office door and retrace my fuzzy steps. I found out that this worked like a charm, it ended up that I was parked on the opposite side of the building, the side that looks IDENTICAL to the side I was desperately looking for my car on, the side that I always park on, I didn’t even know that there was another side.

Needless to say when I did find my car I was ecstatic that I did not need to resort to calling the police. I had had enough embarrassment for one day. So thank you Universe for letting me find my car on my own like a big girl. I promise I learned my lesson and I will make sure that I take a more conscious note of where I park my car in the future. P.S. can you stop screwing with me, I would like to be friends now.


lilmansworld said...
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Jess said...

Apparently I am rubbing off on you more than we knew :) I am constantly having that happen. And that moment of panic where you're like "oh my god, somebody stole me car" always happens and then I have to talk myself down and continue looking... I swear years have been taken off my life by "missing car" incidents. Although I will say, the one of the times it was missing...it had been wrongfully towed. So I wasn't being a complete ditz!

paul peggy zeus said...

Ok girls, I have the ultimate solution. WE NEVER LOOSE sight of our car. HOW? It's really quite simple. Buy a 1 Ton pickup (you know those great big Trucks). THEN, and this is the important part, strap TWO HUGE bright orange Kayaks on top of it and WHALA! You can find your vehicle anywhere, anyplace, anytime - even at Disney, really it's no trouble at all! Ha!!!

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