Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where is my Husband

My husband makes video games, which sounds like an awesome job, he really likes it, me on the other hand I am 50%-50%. The problem is the hours his job takes, the hours he is gone instead of being home with me, the countless dinners missed. It makes me sad.

Now it isn’t like I did not KNOW full well what I was getting myself into when we got married. Really I have no room to complain if working too many hours is his ONLY flaw. And he is super passionate about what he does, he is good at it, and he loves doing what he does. But nights like tonight when I would love to walk into the door and curl up next to my husband sharing all about our days instead of waiting until god knows when to see him makes me long for a different job for him; some kind of desk job where he works a solid stead 9-5 every week.

And then I remember to be thankful for all I have so I will fill my days with more friends, more hobbies, more baby fruit and wait patiently for my husband to come home.


lilmansworld said...

I know its hard, I feel the same way all the time. When we were dating it was a huge issue for me but I knew he was doing everything for ME. Colin is the same way. We both have great husbands and make sure your time spent WITH him is full of quality love time.

paul peggy zeus said...

Jenn, you couldn't have said it more beautifully. Truthfully, many of us put in LONG LONG hours while we are young. That will ensure a good future and a stable retirement, but in the meantime, it is not fun. It's doubly as difficult when you have kids too.

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