Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wanna be my Friend

Hi internet, I like you, want to be my best friend? You know a good girlfriend that will sit and listen to my problems and help me come up with a solution that makes me happy. After you are done helping me I will help you figure out how to get your hair super shiny or listen to you talk endlessly about the date you had last night.

Still with me? Ok good. I am taking on cooking as a challenge this year and as a result of that I am posting a ton of new recipes and photos on my blog. What I was thinking as I was weeding through my loose papers of recipes that I and my family love is that wouldn’t it be nice if they were all bound nicely in a book. In that moment an idea was born, I am going to make a cookbook of all my favourite recipes. So over the next 10 months I will be making, tweaking, photoing and organizing and then at the end I will have everything all bound up nice and pretty. YEA.

Ok now gushing over I have been trying to figure out a name for the cookbook; something fun and catchy, quirky and interesting. My focus for the book is to use all fresh ingredients and keep all the items in the book under 500 calories. Here are the choices I have come up with so far.

1. Get Fresh, Get Low
2. Try Not to Lick the Pages, it’s not Sanitary
3. The Fresh Princess of LA, 100 Recipes Under 500 Calories
4. A Year of Cooking and Life Mixed Carefully
5. Give me Spots on my Apples, Healthy Organic Cooking Under 500 Calories
6. Tantalizing Taste Buds, Rogue Woman in the Kitchen

Please let me know if you like any of these or if you have an idea for a better title.

Love, Rogue Woman


paul peggy zeus said...

I don't really like #5, How bout *Tastes Great, Lose Weight*? or Organic Cooking 500 Calories or Less. I Love the Tantalizing Taste Buds! but since Rogue means a nasty male, perhaps that is not as fitting.

Stay Fit and Eat Lean, Eating Right With Tasty Meals (dumb)
Karen says she'll be second to purchase your book - Right behind ME!

lilmansworld said...

Great idea, eventhough you stole it from me. That needs to be your christmas gift. Be on the cheap for once kelly! In terms of cookbook titles how about

Labor of Love and Tummy- because you will be pregnant.

I will ponder some more, too last minute. I will let it 'marinate"

Kim & Chris said...

I say stick stick with the princess theme, although I like lilmandsworld" thinking.

Let me know if baby fruit would like a play date with little L. We can take them to a park between us sometime.

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