Saturday, February 27, 2010

Taste Buds: The Way we Look at Food

The rainy weather has me sleeping more often which has left me MUCH less productive. The rain has also produced a significant amount of cloud cover so the few things that I have cooked cant get photoed because there is not enough light. So today I thought I would talk about the top changes we have made at our house involving food. Our mantra to keep trying better and the inspiration for this year’s challenge.

1. Try new things
I am forcing myself to embrace new foods that I would have never bought because I had NO IDEA how to cook it. Weird things that I don’t even know the name of are ending up in my basket so I can take it home and experiment with tastes. I had NO IDEA if I would like it and there is certainly a bit of fear but that is what life is all about, jumping and taking chances. Trying new things also keeps variety in your diet which means that the amount of nutrients you are getting day to day are changing all the time. Score

2. Cook more often
Since I really concentrated on cooking in my kitchen mastering certain techniques opens doors to making other things. Right now I am using a lot of books and research on the web coupled with the things I have learned. In the near future I would love to take some cooking classes. But in the end better cooking is its own reward. I also like how I get to be the nutritional gatekeeper by using whole materials and creating things from scratch. I get to skip out on all the added preservatives and salt canned goods have. In essence I know exactly what my family is eating.

3. Go vegan
Ok I am not entirely giving up meat but more than half our meals now do not have meat and when there is meat it is not the majority on the plate. Focusing more on the other food groups especially fruits and vegetables we have a more healthy balance. When we do eat meat I follow the advice of an article in super foods where it mentioned to eat meat less but when you do eat it get the best that you can afford. Now when I buy bacon I get four slices of slow aged apple wood smoked bacon instead of the pre-packaged bacon in the freezer. I found it makes a HUGE difference in the taste of our meat.

4. Never skip on breakfast
Mr. Rogue and I eat a bowl of oatmeal EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is a no brainer that starts our day off with something in our bellies. We have a rotating wheel of stuff to put in the oatmeal, dried fruit or fresh fruit, wheat germ, flaxseed or a bit of raw honey or cinnamon keep it from getting boring.

5. Smaller portions
In October I could eat a dinner meal that is a quarter of what I eat now. It took a while to work my body down from a full plate that left me stuffed to a plate that leaves me satiated but this has helped me cut back a ton of calories. We found using smaller plates helped make it feel like there was more on the plate, a great way to trick yourself.

With these modifications we are making life changes that will positively affect us for the rest of our lives.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I am so proud of you! Trying new foods was not one of your strong suits as a young person. Eating more healthy and in smaller proportions will add years to your lives. And last, but not least you are Cooking!! Creating new dishes, learning new techniques that will stay with you forever and ever! AMEN!

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