Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes it’s Hard to Move On

Sadly a month ago my trusty, OH SO WONDERFUL, blow dryer started making this funny noise. Like that person sitting next to you in the doctors office, coughing so hard that you can just picture how much it hurts and cringe, yea that is exactly how it was, this funny noise that was more painful than anything. However I am a person who loves my products so I just kept on using it. The noise got worse and sadly a week ago it died completely shuddering to a silent halt never to turn on again. I feel like I just lost a friend.

So I had planned on replacing it immediately but in order to get a decent blow dryer I have to go to the salon warehouse an hour away and with the week I have had it just was not possible to take time away and get there. What with the plumbing issues we have had and the lack of water in our home, my hair has really been neglected.

Fast forward to today when I walked into the warehouse and had two lovely women help me pick out the prefect dryer. Its Bio Ionic and lightweight which were my two musts and it came very highly recommended by both the associates. When I got home I immediately took a shower so I could test out the new addition. This blow dryer is AWSOME. I guess that is the one good thing about this whole situation, I lose one friend only to gain one that is better.



lilmansworld said...

i hate having to blowdry my hair now. i can put it in a ponytail now....

paul peggy zeus said...

Nothing better than meeting new friends, we do it all the time!! ;-)

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