Monday, February 8, 2010

Skiing was Only a Small Part of our Days Adventures

Mr. Dancer and I have had a very intresting, troubled, chaotic relationship but I am GLAD to say that I think today we have officially become friends. You see it started three years ago when I got a job at an advertising agency. We sat next to each other, worked together, and then somehow ended up with a love hate relationship. Bottom line is that our personalities did not get along very well working together.

Enter during our time of working struggle my best friend, Ms. Dancer who I brought in to work at our company. She has a crush then starts dating my work nemesis, Mr. Dancer. Since then both Mr. Dancer and I have not worked together and as my best friend and his relationship progressed further and further with them finally getting engaged late last year Mr. Dancer and I have been trying to play nice.

Today Mr. Dancer and I went skiing together. Just the two of us because the others that were invited couldn’t make it and we had a blast together; I can honestly say that Mr. Dancer is now a friend, we have gotten over our work issues and I am estatic that he and my best friend are going to have their happily ever after.


Aside from that revelation, that we can be friends, Mr. Dancer and I filled the space in the car with our combined interests in Ms. Dancer and all of our futures together, our love for art and the craft of an artist, and our shared intrest as artists with the beauty of the scenic drive. And that scenic drive, sigh, I love that drive.

Even though it is winter we found plants burning with colourful fire.


We joked about the lush mountains that looked so perfect I was expecting Gandalf and Frodo to come skipping over the top.


And then, with all the storms we have had in Los Angeles, as we climbed higher in the mountains we drove through quite a bit of cloud cover, which hugged the land in erie mist.


But then we broke through the clouds and we were literally in the mountains sandwiched between the clouds above and the clouds below. I felt like in that moment we were flying. It was very surreal.


After skiing all day, my legs crying in pain because the Superbowl, as Mr. Dancer and I expected tugged, a good majority of the mountains crowds off he hills today. I was so excited with how short the lines on the lifts were because shorter lines equal more runs. But all those extra runs I was able to squeeze into today resulted in alot more exercise than I am used too. Seven hours of skiing with very little rest in between was a bit too much.

On the way back down the mountain, as the sun was setting I was able to snap a couple wonderful shots. As anyone who has been reading for a while knows I love, adore, cherish me some cloud cover because the light is SO DIVINE it takes my breath away.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Great shot of Mr Dancer in the first photo and I really think the last shot could make a wonderful painting.... Love to be on top of the mountains, higher than the clouds too. Great photos.

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