Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo Phriday: My Furry Children

Today I realized that in the melding of my days I totally missed Photo Phriday which is totally unacceptable. Because there were a ton of people walking into and out of the house today my animals were curious what was going on so I took some photos of them being part of my chaotic day. Hope you enjoy.

The cats were alert and on the lookout, especially Seurat he is like that nosy neighbour that is constantly watching EVERYTHING that goes on outside.


When I did get a few moments to return to my desk both cats were nearby probably wondering why I was sobbing, Its the lost shoes I explain!


And then the excitement was just too much and Picasso decided to take a nap because he is like his mama like that, nothing gets in the way of naptime.


Of course everyone loved Phoenix because she is just too adorable until she began to really get in the way of the digging. I have the HARDEST time getting photos of her, normally they come out like this:


That is until I hold a treat behind the lens, then she freezes trying to figure out what I want her to do so she can get that treat; lone cricket chirping in that tiny cute pea brain of hers. And look her face is COMPLETLY covered in dirt, you should have seen it when I let her into the yard, all the holes were dug from the plumbers and she got SO EXCITED. Like look mom, here are my people, THEY APPRECIATE HOLES, EVEN MAKE THEM, THEY ARE HUMANS AND THEY ARE DIGGING. She begged me to start digging too.


And Rogue, my patient loving well behaved gentleman just sat by my side and watched with me the chaos Phoenix wrecked.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Great photos of all your babies. I laughed about Seraut being nosey out the window - I never like nosey neighbors, but I make exception to him. Rogue is such a super terrific pet - so well mannered, such a goood boy!

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