Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo Phriday: The Farmers Market

So a few days ago I took another step in my 2010 challenge on food to go to a Farmers Market for my very first time. I know I know it is LONG past due and I went without a list prepared or any expectations because I really didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a Mecca of wonderful goodness all displayed in its organic untarnished glory and I think I floated for two whole hours. I did manage to buy some things but I really had to contain myself because there was so much there that I have never seen or tried to cook with before and I wanted to buy IT ALL.

My saner self took over and I got a few things to try and then I spent the rest of the time drooling and taking photos for this week’s Photo Phriday.

I loved that may of the prices were lower than my grocery store and then to find out that a good majority of the sellers took their growing and selling of produce seriously in a great wonderful fabulous way!


Then I passed these funny looking fruit in the first booth I passed. I consider myself a fruit LOVER and I just HAD to try this Dragon Fruit which the seller assured me tasted between a strawberry and a watermelon. YUM!


So much wonderful produce...


The wonderful colors and textures all in the outdoors, all under the sun, all sold by the people who grew it. I particularly loved these bright purple roots.


And then I stumbed upon the bean guy, she is sitting there in the back with the red apron. With my new love of all things beans we spent over 15 minutes talking about the kinds he had, how he dried them and the benefits of beans. That beats any customer service I get at the traditional grocery store.


And then I saw the honey and like a bee I was drawn to these wonderful colourful sticks full of flavoured honey. I have no idea what I am going to do with these, maybe just hold them and hug them tightly to my chest as I skip for the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face like I was holding hands with Mary Poppins. What can I say I am a girl that loves honey.


And then best of all there were ALL THESE wonderful people smiling at me and handing me FREE FOOD! This spinach Greek tortilla bread with GOD KNOWS WHAT on it was amazing. I bought three bags.


And I really DID restrain from buying more than I thought I could buy but the last wonderful thing I got were these glorious mini zucchinis with the flowers still intact. What the hell am I going to to with that!


I am sure Google will let me know. UMMMMM Goggle I heart you!

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paul peggy zeus said...

OHH So many good things for your tantalizing taste buds. I love the honey sticks - how cool is that? and how did the dragon fruit taste? Looks yummy!! I'm sure you'll be blogging about all the cool stuff you made out of your new produce..

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