Sunday, February 28, 2010

One of the MANY Reasons I Love to Blog

I really enjoy seeing where I was and where I am now. It gives me an almost tangible way to see how far I have grown, to remind me of my many joys and to inspire me to keep climbing higher. Today I spent some time taking photos of a recipe I have already made and posted on this blog. I retook the photos because the one of the pictures I have of the Broccoli Slaw I took in July of 2009 were too disappointing to put into my cookbook. And since I was curious I wanted to see the photo I took seven months ago vs. the one I took today side by side.



OH MY GOOOODNESS was all I could say. The older photo looks like a sloppy mess, something I was proud of when I took it I am sure, but would be embarrassed to post now. I won’t update the old photo with this new one either, because going back isn’t what I am trying to do here and I will cherish the old photo for the step that it was to get where I am today.

Of course that comparison having blown me away I decided to find a few more comparisons like my Cheesy Potato Recipe also taken originally in July of 2009.



Or the photos of my beloved cats who are generally seen in my house lounging together. The old photo, taken in March 2008 is flat with little depth, dimension or contrast; where the new one is full of vibrancy and dynamism.



Even the photos I take of people have gotten vastly better. Something that was dull and blah with no expression or character like Mr. Rogue fixing my chocolate diabolical taken in February of 2008 ...


To Baby Fruit mid action caught in that split second connecting with the camera.


It is one thing to note that I took over 1200 shots of Baby Fruit in her photo shoot to get this one shot that I loved where last year, when I took the photo of Mr. Rogue, I only took two (and the other one is blurry). Lesson learned, take MANY MANY photos and keep trying because you can and will get better.


lilmansworld said...


paul peggy zeus said...

You just keep getting better all the time, and this post is proof!

lilmansworld said...

I love that this is our way of getting closer! Sometimes I get jealous of all the time you can dedicate to your observations, but I look forward to them every day. Love you Kelly!

Jessica said...

YAY, YAY, YAY!!! I love the Label headers too :)

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