Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie Night

Since Mr. Rogue was working yet another Friday night I decided I needed a bit of girl time. I did not however feel like dealing with the hustle and bustle of LALA land and with it raining out I just decided to throw out a few texts for a dinner and a movie at home night. At last minute notice five and a half of us were able to rally together (half being Baby Fruit, she went to bed midway through and since she is only 1 she counts as a half). YEA!

We decided to make Ms. Eden’s Margarita Pizza which is A-MAAA-ZING and don’t you worry your pretty little heads, I will be sharing her recipe here soon, as in I may just have to make this pizza for myself again TOMORROW. If I can force myself to completely tear apart my kitchen and clean it AGAIN.


It was fun with all of us sitting in the kitchen, some preparing, some just sharing what went on in their week, all connected and sharing. After we stuffed ourselves with pizza we put in the movie, Obsessed staring Beyonce and I have to say it was much better than I thought it would be. Of course I was not expecting much.


All through the movie we kept up a running dialogue, which normally would annoy me, but in this instance it was fun. We were cursing the stupidity of the characters, trying to guess what would happen next, the night was infused with lots of giggling and laughter.


It was exactly what I needed, a little R&R with my girls.


paul peggy zeus said...

Such a wonderful time to share, laugh, eat and drink with your girlfriends. Beck looks AMAZING! Her skin is radiant - is it the new products or did you do something with your touchup program?

lilmansworld said...

Its funny because I was actually thinking about your earlier post this week about feeling lonely and wanted Colin home with you, and what was funny was exactly what you did: invite friends over for girls night. I hope soon I can find friends around here I can cook and drink wine and commiserate together. BTW is Vegas in the cards maybe around September for you and Colin?

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