Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Medical Dilemma

Over the past week and a half I have noticed that Phoenix has been losing weight. At first I just made a mental note to feed her a bit more and keep an eye out for anything wrong. I have found over the years that when a dog starts to lose weight it generally means a parasite. When a week later she was still dropping weight and started vomiting I took her into the vet for a complete check-up. Other than being a bit underweight she was in perfect health and my vet told me to just continue watching her. That advice cost me over $150 bucks but it is better to be safe.

Today I had just fed the dogs, I feed them outside right now because Phoenix has a food aggression and keeping safety forefront in my mind I just feed them outside. But this particular day I decided to clean the cat litter which is JUST inside the outside door where the dogs were eating. As I was cleaning I heard some barking which normally isn’t anything I would look out the window for but because I was standing right there I did. What I saw shocked me.

Rogue, my wonderfully well behaved older rottewheiler had finished his bowl of food and moved to help himself to the rest of Phoenix’s. You see until Phoenix reaches the age of two she still eats double the amount as Rogue so it takes her longer to finish her meal. Outraged I stomped outside and let her finish her meal but then it dawned on me. I looked from Phoenix who was losing weight to Rogue who it seemed was gaining weight even though I had not changed the amount of food I gave them; seems my wonderfully intelligent Rogue found the keys to an extra helping at dinner by helping himself to the other half of Phoenix’s food.

Poor baby, girl she has probably been so hungry, which would make sense why she keeps getting sick she was probably eating more of the backyard than usual. Now that all the puzzle came together it made so much sense however without seeing it I would have SWORE that Rogue would NEVER steal her food.

Bad bad puppies, but at least THIS issue is easily fixed.


paul peggy zeus said...

I can't believe Rogue would do such a thing... Poor Phoenix, but I'm glad you figured out the cause of her weight loss - and his gain!!

Ivy said...

Bad Rogue! Well, I guess he gets to be bad, but just this once! Poor Diva-baby.

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