Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Will Never take it For Granted Again

When I turn on the faucet, as I am sure MANY of us do, I expect water. And I am not even sure expect is the right word because I don’t think about it very often at all. Other than to be careful not to leave the water needlessly running, it is just one of those millions of things I generally DON'T have to worry about; which makes more room for me to obsess over which recipe I should cook next. Running water is a simple concept, something that I have taken for granted since I can't remember when. That is until Sunday happened and a series of events unfolded that ended with our water main unexpectedly bursting. Being left for over 48 hours without any water in our home was “challenging”, uncomfortable, frustrating, and just sucked. Basically it just made me really miss my pre-water-main-bursting innocence when the water just magically worked.

All day today our plumber and his helper dug up our yard, drilled things, broke concrete and made so much noise and mess that I almost cried. Phoenix however was overjoyed yet again that her new friends were back because this time they were digging more holes.


She got to help and the plumbers just chuckled like indulgent Uncles as they continued to dig and dig and dig some more. I am glad they found it cute because it would have been VERY hard to stop her from ‘helping’. She is like her mamma in that respect and got an extra dose of stubbornness when she was born.


After working since 8 am this morning the plumber called me outside to inform me that he FINALLY got the water turned back on, and let me tell you I was so excited I didn’t even want to hear about the rest of stuff he had to say. Seriously, remember when Charlie Brown’s teacher used to talk and it came out as a bunch of nothing, I swear that is the exact noise I heard. All I could think about after he said the water was on, which was his first sentence, was ‘I WANT TO TAKE A SHOWER’. As soon as I could I excused myself from the conversation so our very nice plumber, who I hugged when he told me the water was on, could fill back in the craters he dug in my yard. I dashed into the house and ran a load of dishes, did a load of laundry, and took a shower all at the same time, JUST BECAUSE I COULD. It was heaven.

Once my shower was complete I felt human again so I went back outside and apologized to the plumber because I had to ask him to repeat everything I had missed in our last conversation. You see my plumber he wanted to let me know that Mr. Rogue and I made the right decision. Basically the plumber gave us two options, to either patch the hole in the pipe OR to replace the entire pipe. Since it was galvanized steel and we had already updated the entire house with copper and because our plumber told us our pipe looked old we opted to replace the pipe altogether so this situation would NEVER happen again. When he showed me the old pipe that they removed.


The super nasty rusted pipe that had so many holes in it it looked like Swiss cheese. Then he smiled and said that we made the right decision because our pipe would have just kept bursting until it was replaced and I am not sure if I could take one of these again.


Excuse me while I go take ANOTHER shower and marvel at the magic of how it all works again.


paul peggy zeus said...

Wow that pipe is so badly rotten!! I feel sorry for every single person in your entire neighborhood!! What a yucky thought to have had water coming into your hose from THAT pipe!! EWWW!!!

Jess said...

I second that! EWWWWWWWW!

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