Saturday, February 27, 2010

Helping Out

Every Thursday night I take Mrs. Fruit to play badmitten. She generally plays for 2.5-3 hours and in that time I get to spend time with Baby Fruit. Taking a leaf from my sister-in-law, Mrs. Lambchop, I decided this week to head over to Target instead of just hanging out at the court. We walked around, I picked up random things that I really did not need, and then once Baby Fruit started getting a bit restless we headed over to the toys section. Let me tell you it was like I stumbled onto the HOLY GRAIL. She played, touched, and giggled at everything in those isles. I saw the big bouncy balls in the cage and remembered that Baby Lambchop loves them so I took one out for Baby Fruit to play with. Her eyes got as large as saucers as she accepted it.


Even though the ball was almost as big as her she was enthralled. I brought it back to the court with us and she played for over an hour with it, much to the merriment of everyone there. It was the best $2.88 I ever spent in my life.



paul peggy zeus said...

Every little kid loves a ball - especially when it's as pink as bubble gum and as big as the baby! sooo cute!!

lilmansworld said...

best part about balls? no batteries. cheap entertainment forever.

lilmansworld said...

omg jake just said amber!

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