Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

Valentines yesterday was very different than what I had in mind all due to my adorable niece. You see, I had it all planned out. I thought I could have it all. I was VERY wrong and my Valentines did not come out how I expected.

I offered to watch Baby Fruit so Mr. & Mrs. Fruit could spend their first Valentines together. Baby Fruit is such an easy great baby and Mr. Rogue and I were not interested in spending our night out on the town anyways because of his INSANE work schedule right now so we are gifting each other a ski weekend in two weeks when he has a bit more free time. Regardless I had planned to make a nice steak meal which I made a few times this week so it would be perfect and these amazing little Tuile’s that I had practiced making earlier in the day.

I had the cooking times, Mr. Rogues arrival time, and Baby Fruit’s bottle and bed time all timed out perfectly. The problem is that Baby Fruit, normally a pretty easy going child WAS NOT wanting any part of going to bed. Therefore insert the time I was supposed to be prepping our dinner as Baby Fruit slept to me ATTEMPTING to put her to bed while bellowing out commands to my husband on what to do and when. And let me tell you, trying to get a child to sleep while bellowing commands to your overworked husband while said child cries, in case you were wondering IS SOOOOOO NOT how I planned our evening.

We did end up having our meal however it was slightly overcooked and slightly cold and I ended up getting up twice to take care of the baby. I did finally manage to get her to sleep only to have to pause the movie we were watching after dinner twice so I could hold her to put her back to sleep. After the Fruits came to collect the baby, and after gifting me with a LOVELY pair of silver earrings I collapsed into bed exhausted.

So much for my scheduled evening, I guess this is a WONDERFUL lesson I needed to be taught.


God, although I appreciate the lessons you teach me, could you please next time tap me a little lighter with that BIG HAMMER you used to teach me this particular lesson. Thanks, love Rogue Woman.

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lilmansworld said...

the first lesson in parenthood is no schedule but theirs. that goes for all children i think

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