Sunday, February 7, 2010

Celebrating our Female Bond

I have a group of girlfriend who met all through a wonderful journey called SFactor. We come from all walks of life, so many diverse backgrounds, professions and ages but together we have found something so rare; we have found a place of safety and vulnerability where we can help each other be our best, where we can make mistakes and gather energy to try try again, and where we have learned to love our fellow women. Yesterday we got together at Ms. Eden’s gorgeous downtown apartment to celebrate two years of being together and to embrace how far we have come and to rejoice in our unique bonds.


As well as being surrounded by powerful estrogen in the room there was an awesome spread of yummy food, I think the pizza Ms. Eden made was an alltime faviourite and a recipe I am SURE to share with you all soon because it was DIVINE!


And of course there were also lots of wine and lots of toasts to how this journey has affected us all.


In addition to getting together to aknoladge our two year anniversary together we also got to celebrate Ms. Boot’s birthday with a fabulous cake that Ms. Photoqueen had brought.



I really love love love these girls. Thanks for ALL being there with your luscious energy and your purity of love. You are the best!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Seriously, you girls look amazing!

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