Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BBBS 25: A Snow Time Experience

Yesterday I picked up Ms. Little and her twin sister for a day long trip to Big Bear mountain. Both of the girls were super excited, it would be their first time seeing snow. I was completely geeked to see their little faces light with joy the second we climbed high enough to see the snow on the side of the road. This was the second time this year I got to see someone’s first reaction to snow. I cannot imagine my childhood, growing up in Michigan, without the cold and the snow but I much rather drive to it when the mood hits me than live in it as an adult.

Although it was not the light powdery snow that I adore the kids did not care. We stopped off on the side of the road so we could play. Here is Ms. Little with her very first snow ball.


And of course the first thing you do the second you have a completed snowball is to grin and throw it at something. The three of us had a glorious snow ball fight which ended with cold snow everywhere. We attempted to make a snowman but the snow sadly was a little too icy, bad for making snowmen but SOO WONDERFUL we found for going snow tubing.

We found this awesome little establishment where we could rent huge black inner tubes and go racing down groomed hills of snow. At first Ms. Little was a bit scared but soon we all were pro’s and racing down the side of the mountain screaming with delight.


The girls had were alight with joy at their first snowy outing and I snapped this adorable photo of them.


I did have to sit out a few runs so I could get some action shots.


And then after several tries with my itty bitty camera I finally got a shot of Ms. Little looking at the camera.


After the first hour I started to dread those damn stairs. Gliding down the hill for 30 seconds was wonderfully liberating, but that damn climb, carrying a heavy tube, was NOT something that this girl loved. It really made me appreciate skiing more, where the lifts carried you up the hill.

P.S. Those stairs did make my legs and butt cry with pain but I bet I burned a ton of calories.


On the two and a half hour drive up the car was filled with learning more about each other, about sharing life stories and answering any question they could think of. On the way back however the girls were all talked out. We played a few car games I played as a child, even the alphabet game, but I started running out of ideas to keep them entertained when finally I handed them my camera and told them to take some photos. It was an interesting experience seeing what two 11 year olds, rolled down windows and a camera can create.







They are so heart-stoppingly precious. Ms. Little helped to heal a huge hole in my life, and I cannot thank her enough or imagine my life without her.


Once we got back to the house we snuggled into the couch with chips and dip to watch “Raising Helen” and then after the movie we went into the exercise room where I talked to the girls about resting and aerobic heart rate, we went through some stretches and yoga poses, I showed them the weight bench but the real fun in the room was playing with the elliptical machine.

Oh if I could just capture her joy and bottle it at being on the elliptical machine and exercising I would be a VERY wealthy woman. I mean I do love my elliptical machine but DAMN look at that SMILE. I know for sure when I am working out I am all sweaty and panting and not so happy. Her joy is contagious.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Grab all the joy life has to offer and keep it close to your heart since it cannot be bottled. I'm so happy you and Ms Little connected and have such wonderful experiences together.

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