Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Bakers Den

Somehow today took on a life of its own and rather than fight it I just held on and flowed. My day began early with breakfast with my husband, the only meal that we can have together right now with his busy schedule and the only part of the day that was planned. Once he left I got a text from Mrs. Fruit who now officially has her drivers permit and who needs a driver to practice with and who “OH MY GOD!” asked me to tra-la-la with her around our home so she could practice. The imagination started going wild of me dragging Mrs. Fruit out of some burning wreckage but the actuality of the situation is that she did wonderful. A bit nervous, a bit frightening at moments but all in all it was really good. Of course she had a few training lessons with a professional first, and I am sure the advice I was giving her at times is not the kind of advice she needs for tests.

Side note: I have this theory, it is a my car is bigger than your car theory. Because LALA land waits for no one, on the road I will yield to cars that are larger than mine. Smaller cars however beware in a fight I would win so get your butt out of the way.

So driving lessons ended with her offering to cook me lunch, which rolled into us talking about cookies, which launched a vote to make cookies, and somehow I ended up with a full day rather than the empty one I had non-planned. Needless to say three hours later there were 4 women in my kitchen and four cookie recipes made as well as yet ANOTHER pizza. Good news is that we all had a blast, mostly covered in flour, making recipe after recipe of yummy sweet goodness, giggling into the waning day. The bad news is that we ended up all sick to our stomachs from eating too many sweets.

I can’t wait to post all the recipes and to remake a few that need more tweaking over the next week.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I do remember well how frightening it can be driving with a brand new driver behind the wheel for the first time. Dad refused to do it, so that was on my shoulders. You were especially scary when you kept asking which was the brake pedal again? And then I LMAO as I teased you how to go through a blinking red light. You had to time it perfectly I said and not go when the light was red. This caused you to start and stop a couple of times before going ahead. I know, I know, it was cruel, but I had a good time with that one. Ah, the fond memories of parenthood.

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